Faculty exhibit at Bing-Davis Gallery

The works of six Upper Iowa University faculty members are currently on exhibit at Bing-Davis Memorial Gallery at UIU’s Fayette Campus. As part of the exhibit, each faculty member submitted a selection of their personal portfolio. The works include animations, painting, photography, ceramics, and graphic design.  The featured artists Include:

Elissa Wenthe, dean of the UIU School of Arts and Sciences, and professor of art
Wenthe’s sculptural language is formed by surrounding landscapes, while engaging with themes of memories and place. She works with the rhythms and patterns found in nature and the idiosyncrasies and irregularities caused by decay, wilt, and dormancy. There is an interplay between reality, surreality, and the relationships between objects, landscapes and unusual forms. Her sculptures are positioned so one must crouch, bend and stretch to investigate them further.

Laura Gleissner, assistant professor of art
Playing with perception and visual distortion, often using pronounced shifts of color throughout a composition, Gleissner’s paintings extrude information of line, shape, texture and reflection from architectural references. She uses collage to stimulate her interest in tactile architectural materials while line, color, and shape inspire and influence her work in oil. The paintings come together as ambiguous abstractions that reference specific locations.

Xiaojun Huang, assistant professor of graphic design
With the mixing of cultures she has experienced living in the East and the West, Huang’s practice is focused on human-centered, playful and eye-catching artwork that specializes in experimental typography and branding.

Michael Maldonado, adjunct professor of graphic design, online
Objects in urban settings are typically seen in close proximity, yet have profound contrasts with surrounding objects—contrasts can be seen in characterization, physical appearance, morality and ideology. The intent of Maldonado’s work is to celebrate these contrasts as a manifestation of life itself.

Sarah Sampedro, adjunct professor of graphic design, online
Sampedro’s body of work explores the relationship between “Waiting, Agency, and Power.” A series of photos pair mundane literal spaces with abstract images, creating unorthodox relationships about the complexity of waiting. The photographs are quiet moments, intended to make space for thoughtfulness from the viewer. The contrast between large loose images and small rigidly framed ones play out the tension between control and flexibility.

 Ketaki Poyekar, adjunct professor of graphic design, online
Poyekar’s studio work utilizes cutting edge trends, technology and contemporary aesthetics to create visionary projects that push boundaries. She and her husband, Tony Hauber, provide custom, innovative, eye-catching solutions to help brands best stand out.

The UIU faculty exhibit will remain open through Saturday, May 7, as part of the University’s 2022 commencement weekend. Bing-Davis Memorial Gallery is regularly open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Hours are subject to change.

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