Summer Bridge Faculty and Staff Notes and Recognition Awards

Dr. Melinda Heinz

The U.S. Department of State and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board announced that Upper Iowa University associate professor of psychology Dr. Melinda Heinz has received a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program award to Ireland. Heinz will conduct research exploring how Men’s Sheds promote meaning and purpose in older adulthood. Heinz will also teach a seminar on aging at the Limerick Institute of Technology and give several community talks on well-being in older adulthood. The original announcement can be read in the Arts & Sciences section of

Adjunct professor Dr. Greg Beatty wrote “The View from the Texas Star Flyer,” which was runner- up in the Texas Story Contest. He also recently authored “Love in Fine Lines.” Greg’s story “The Smell of General Tso’s. And Hope” is shortlisted for the Love Reading Very Short Story Award 2021.

Adjunct professor Dr. Jimmie Flores earned a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach Credential (CPCC) on May 14, 2021, from the Co-Active Professional Coach Training Institute, recognized as one of the most rigorous coach training and certification programs in the industry.

Dr. Karla K. Gavin

Master of Sport Administration program director / associate professor of sports administration Dr. Karla K. Gavin earned her Ed.D. in sport management from the United States Sports Academy. The title of her dissertation was “Supporting Student-Athletes with the Learning Management System (LMS).”

Nursing program associate professor Dr. Stephanie Tippin earned her DNP from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2020. The title of her DNP project was “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Systems Thinking Teaching Strategies for RN-BSN Students.” She more recently presented her project virtually at the Sigma Theta Tau-Zeta Phi Chapter Research Symposium in February 2021.

Professor of social science and anthropology Dr. Roland Vazquez was an invited participant/ lecturer at the January “Continuity and Change in Political Culture” symposium, which was sponsored by The Serling Institute at Michigan State University. Roland spoke during the panel discussion titled “National Memory, Memorialization, and Dramatization.”

Dr. Julie Hinders

Dr. Summer Zwanziger Elsinger

Assistant professor of health services administration Dr. Julie Hinders and associate professor of business Dr. Summer Zwanziger Elsinger wrote “Understanding the Importance of Constituent Management When Making Strategic Business Decisions,” which was published in The Transnational Journal of Business.

Zwanziger Elsinger was also featured in a WalletHub article on car insurance in Iowa.

Adjunct professor Shantelle Jacobs had her Baton Rouge business, Pure Mind Counseling & Wellness, featured in Psychology Today.

Adjunct professor Vincent Jemison wrote “A Cognitive Interpretation of How Perception-Based Decisions Detracts Your Leadership Performance,” which was published in International Journal of Novel Research in Humanity and Social Sciences Vol. 6, Issue 3, pp: (33-42), Month: May – June 2019, ISSN 2394-9694. In addition, his book titled The Power of Structure Leadership: Optimizing Leadership Performance can be found on Amazon.

Master of Counseling program faculty Dr. Panagiotis Markopoulos, Dr. Kimberly King and Dr. Anabel Mifsud were invited by Region One Education Service Center, located in Edinburg, Texas, to present a two-hour virtual workshop in February on the topic of “Mindfulness for School Counselors and Elementary Students.”

Assistant professor of sociology Dr. Nickie Michaud Wild contributed a chapter titled “Empathy for the Audience: Hannibal, the Fannibals, and What Happens When a Show Takes Its Fandom Seriously,” to the book Hannibal for Dinner: Essays on America’s Favorite Cannibal on Television, edited by Kyle A. Moody and Nicholas A. Yanes. It was published by McFarland & Company in February 2021.

Instructional designer Dr. Noriza Shaari was among the virtual Accessibility and Inclusive Design presenters in November 2020. The presentation was organized by the University of Nottingham and Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

Dr. Sue Burrack, assistant professor of education, and Dr. Susan Massey, assistant professor of education/Master of Education program director, were awarded the Roger & Alice Mangan Excellence in Teaching Awards. Established in 2019 by Roger ’62 and Alice ’61 (Delong) Mangan, the awards represent UIU’s commitment to excellence in teaching and are to be annually presented to one rising junior faculty member and one senior faculty member. The original announcement, can be read in the News Release and Bridge Faculty Notes of

2020 and 2021 Faculty and Staff Recognition Awards
Upper Iowa University recognized 2020 and 2021 full-time faculty and staff during an employee appreciation luncheon Tuesday, April 27. The honorees included:


2020 Retiree

  • Melle Starsen – 20 Years

40 Years of Service

  • Doug McReynolds

30 Years of Service

  • Mark Danker
  • Joel Kunze

25 Years of Service

  • Gail Moorman Behrens

20 Years of Service

  • Matt Cowley
  • Heath Grimm
  • Gina Kuker
  • Don McComb
  • Wendy Sandmire
  • Mary Schultz
  • Melle Starsen

15 Years of Service

  • Jeffery Butikofer
  • Andrea Guilday
  • Katherine McCarville
  • Bridget Rottinghaus
  • Andrew Wenthe
  • Holly Wolff
  • Lynne Zygkowski

10 Years of Service

  • Barbara Ehlers
  • Summer Zwanziger Elsinger
  • Linda Figdore
  • Julie Games
  • Jennifer Lozier
  • Sara Sheeley

5 Years of Service

  • Sandra Bahls
  • Scott Beaver
  • Stacie Burington
  • Mary Cecil
  • Crystal Cole
  • Suzan Corter
  • Ben Curran
  • Danielle Cushion
  • Matthew Foy
  • Janette Garcia
  • Nicole Gibbs
  • Laura Gleissner
  • Kelli Groleau
  • Corey Lange
  • James Lowrey
  • Christine Meier
  • Marjory Meyer
  • Lisa Muggler
  • Emily Preussner
  • Zachary Prochaska
  • Paul Skrade
  • Emlynn Taber
  • Michael Van Sickle
  • Liz Winter


2021 Retirees

  • Doug McReynolds – 41 Years
  • Delbert O’Dell – 31 Years
  • Joel Kunze – 30 Years
  • Cheryl Northrup – 30 Years
  • Gail Moorman Behrens – 25 Years
  • Caryl Cushion – 25 Years
  • Michael Steinbronn – 25 Years
  • Don McComb – 20 Years
  • Redmond Humphrey – 19 Years
  • Kim Knapp – 18 Years
  • Tammy Carolan – 17 Years
  • Teri Walker – 17 Years
  • Barbara Ehlers – 11 Years
  • Teresa O’Dell – 10 Years
  • Betty Whitesell – 10 Years
  • William Jones – 8 Years

45 Years of Service

  • David Wright

30 Years of Service

  • Cheryl Northrup

25 Years of Service

  • Caryl Cushion
  • Kimberly King
  • Timothy Parker
  • Rachel Schultz
  • Michael Steinbronn
  • Tony Tjaden

20 Years of Service

  • Rebecca Hilliard
  • Renee Lape
  • Jesse Pleggenkuhle
  • Roland Vasquez

15 Years of Service

  • Jill Austin
  • Jackson Hayek
  • Christopher Kragnes

10 Years of Service

  • Allison Behne
  • Barbara Collier
  • Erin Friedley
  • Michael Lewis
  • Aaron Nelson
  • Teresa O’Dell
  • Betty Whitesell
  • Brock Wissmiller

5 Years of Service

  • Jessekah Boettner
  • Jen Kula
  • Kelli Pech
  • James Price
  • Andrew Sass
  • Brenda Stahl




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