It’s Throwback Thursday

A lot has changed in the last 99 years! The lawn behind Alexander-Dickman Hall at the center of campus, shown here in 1922, used to host events like this Maypole dance, a rite of spring to bring a successful harvest later in the year. More at:

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  1. stu dunkel // May 20, 2021 at 6:42 pm // Reply

    In 1960 it was the football field, had been that for a number of years. In about 1961 the football field moved to Robinson’s Woods on the western edge of Fayette. That field was a short cut for Dr Bowersox who had serious tunnel vision problems. He asked students to lay markers down so that he would not get lost during the crossings. One fall other, non History students, rearranged the markers in a big circle. Bowersox got out there and went round and round. It was cruel but funny. Someone finally noticed him, rescued him and lead him home.

    Stu Dunkel ’64

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