Full-time faculty and staff recognized for service

Upper Iowa University recognized 2020 and 2021 full-time faculty and staff during an employee appreciation luncheon Tuesday, April 27. The honorees included:

Melle Starsen – 20 Years

40 Years of Service
Doug McReynolds

30 Years of Service
Mark Danker
Joel Kunze

25 Years of Service
Gail Moorman Behrens

20 Years of Service
Matt Cowley
Heath Grimm
Gina Kuker
Don McComb
Wendy Sandmire
Mary Schultz
Melle Starsen

15 Years of Service
Jeffery Butikofer
Andrea Guilday
Katherine McCarville
Bridget Rottinghaus
Andrew Wenthe
Holly Wolff
Lynne Zygkowski

10 Years of Service
Barbara Ehlers
Summer Zwanziger Elsinger
Linda Figdore
Julie Games
Jennifer Lozier
Sara Sheeley

5 Years of Service
Sandra Bahls
Scott Beaver
Stacie Burington
Mary Cecil
Crystal Cole
Suzan Corter
Ben Curran
Danielle Cushion
Matthew Foy
Janette Garcia
Nicole Gibbs
Laura Gleissner
Kelli Groleau
Corey Lange
James Lowrey
Christine Meier
Marjory Meyer
Lisa Muggler
Emily Preussner
Zachary Prochaska
Paul Skrade
Emlynn Taber
Michael Van Sickle
Liz Winter

Doug McReynolds- 41 Years
Delbert O’Dell- 31 Years
Joel Kunze – 30 Years
Cheryl Northrop – 30 Years
Gail Moorman Behrens – 25 Years
Caryl Cushion – 25 Years
Michael Steinbronn – 25 Years
Don McComb – 20 Years
Redmond Humphrey – 19 Years
Kim Knapp – 18 Years
Tammy Carolan – 17 Years
Teri Walker – 17 Years
Barbara Ehlers – 11 Years
Teresa O’Dell – 10 Years
Betty Whitesell – 10 Years
William Jones – 8 Years

45 Years of Service
David Wright

30 Years of Service
Cheryl Northrop

25 Years of Service
Caryl Cushion
Kimberly King
Timothy Parker
Rachel Schultz
Michael Steinbronn
Tony Tjaden

20 Years of Service
Rebecca Hilliard
Renee Lape
Jesse Pleggenkuhle
Roland Vasquez

15 Years of Service
Jill Austin
Jackson Hayek
Christopher Kragnes

10 Years of Service
Allison Behne
Barbara Collier
Erin Friedley
Michael Lewis
Aaron Nelson
Teresa O’Dell
Betty Whitesell
Brock Wissmiller

5 Years of Service
Jessekah Boettner
Jen Kula
Kelli Pech
James Price
Andrew Sass
Brenda Stahl

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  1. Dr. Stephen D. Regan, Class 69, Academic Dean 1991-95 // April 29, 2021 at 4:52 pm // Reply

    Outstanding people. I hired several, including Tony Tjaden who greatly impressed me during his interview. Barb Ehlers I knew from my previous work in education. These people did incredible service to Upper Iowa University. I wish them all THANK YOU and GODSPEED.

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