Students return to Peacock Experience

Returning students began to move onto Fayette Campus today (Friday, August 28). Trying their hand at tie dyeing as part of the full schedule of Peacock Experience weekend activities were (l-r) Kitt-Yi Ng, Sum Teng Chong and Yi Mun Choo, all of Malaysia.

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  1. Stuart Dunkel // August 28, 2020 at 9:10 pm // Reply

    They did not have “return to campus” BBQ’s like this when I was there 1960-1964. We showed up on a Sunday afternoon, got our new dorm room assignment, unpacked, got supper downtown and went to registration on Monday morning. Pay for the classes, go to the bookstore for the books, get back to the dorm, review the receipts for….room, meal tickets, books and wonder then and still now….what the hell the matriculation is/was.
    Stu Dunkel ’64

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