Students, clubs and organizations recognized with Student Life Awards

Upper Iowa University recognized individual students, clubs and organizations with its 2020 Student Life Awards on Friday, June 19.

“While the purpose of your collegiate experience is to prepare for a career, with your primary focus on academics, your involvement outside of the classroom enhances and empowers you to achieve a greater sense of self and awareness of the opportunities that surround you,” UIU dean of students Jean Merkle said to open the prerecorded ceremony. “Tonight, we want to celebrate you and all your work to engage in the lives of others.”

UIU’s 2020 Student Life Award recipients are as follows:

Global Citizenship – Chung Ho Chee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Morrie Freshman – Andrew Paskey, York, Pennsylvania.

Student Life Senior – Destiny Benson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Morgan Branstad, Mitchell, Iowa; Breyanna Hill, Oskaloosa, Iowa; Daniel Lem, Fayette, Iowa; Allison Ster, Alburnett, Iowa; Julia Szepieniec, Eau Claire, Wisconsin; Autumn Weaver, Garner, Iowa.

Peacock Pride/Leadership – Grant Dieken, Clear Lake, Iowa; Julia Szepieniec, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Peacock Service/Being Part of Something Better – Alyson Carroll, Oswego, Illinois.

Outdoor Pursuits/You Down with Outdoor Pursuits – Daniel Peters, Chicago, Illinois.

Student Activities/What’s Happenin’ – Gabbie Palomo, Homewood, Illinois.

Resident Life/The Cabby – Megan Gavin, Fayette, Iowa.

Resident Life/RA Programmer of the Year – Hanna Hensing, Waterloo, Iowa; Cassiddy Wilson, Dubuque, Iowa; Destiny Benson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

SOA (Student Orientation Assistant) of the Year – Zach Dingbaum, Oelwein, Iowa; Marissa Foels, Postville, Iowa.

PEEPS (Peacock Experience: Encouraging a Positive Start) of the Year – Makenzie Soeken, Ely, Iowa; Barry Lok, Cheras, Malaysia.

Program(s) of the Year – International Student Association for the Mid-Autumn Festival and Lady D’s, and ANQ for My Valentine from Hell.

Organization(s) of the Year – Best Buddies, and Gamma Delta Phi.

Also recognized during the 2020 event were all PEEPS, Student Government Association members, summer orientation assistants, resident assistants and summer resident assistants. View the Student Life Award ceremony, which includes additional information about the awards, the respective recipients, and a message from UIU President Dr. William R. Duffy II here:

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