UIU alumnus opens gym

UIU alumnus Vinny Otdoerfer '17 became the recent owner of his own gym and fitness center in Strawberry Point, Iowa.

(Editor’s note: The following article featuring UIU alumnus Vincent Otdoerfer ’17, an exercise/sport studies major, was posted with permission of the Fayette County Newspapers and news/feature writer Jack Swanson.)

Vincent Otdoerfer, strength and conditioning coach for North Fayette Valley School Health and Fitness and manager at Anytime Fitness in West Union (Iowa) has opened a new fitness center in Strawberry Point.

Vinny’s Gym is located at 218 Elkader St., in Strawberry Point.

Vinny is getting back to his roots with the ownership of the gym with its Strawberry Point location. That’s where he is originally from. He’s a Starmont High School grad.

He opened the gym at the beginning of the new year and says it works into his schedule perfectly because members have 24-7 access and he can use his weekends to be there to make sure everything is running smoothly.

“We’re using the honor system. We’ve got a drop box for payments,” he related.

He said there is even paperwork available there for anyone wanting to get a membership, otherwise it’s $5 for a guest pass. Those seeking the pass code can call Vinny at 563-608-6205.

“I like being there on Saturdays and Sundays, hanging out, talking to people. I like owning my own business because it’s nice to do what you want,” he explained.

Vinnie went on to say that the 24-7 access is “huge” in this day and age because it gives people the option to workout whenever they feel the need or have the time. He said the gym also fills a niche in today’s demand for more physical fitness and better health in general from the public.

“It doesn’t matter how much someone does in terms of work outs. Everyone would like to be able to do something, no matter how big, or how small. We’re giving the community a place to work out in, and the fact that it’s the only one in town is pretty nice for me,” Vinnie said.

The gym offers three ellipticals, three tread mills, and a large collection of free weights among other equipment. There is also a workout area with a television on the wall for use with fitness videos. He said this area, which does have a mat available, is being used by some area youth wrestling clubs. Vinny said he’s going to be adding even more equipment in the near future.


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