New student organizations benefit UIU community

Peacocks for a Cure President Alyson Carroll (far left) and Peacocks for a Cure Vice President Suzi Grover (far right) and the organization's other members primarily raise funds for children who are patients at the Stead Family Children's Hospital in Iowa City, Iowa.

Two of the newest opportunities for Upper Iowa University students to give back to the UIU community are the Peacocks for a Cure Club and Student Philanthropy Council.

Peacocks for a Cure primarily raises funds for children who are patients at the Stead Family Children’s Hospital in Iowa City, Iowa. The Peacocks for a Cure executive membership includes president Alyson Carroll, vice president Suzi Grover, family coordinator Kaitlin Niedert, social media coordinator Ally Fink, sponsorship coordinator Marissa McAuliffe and marketing coordinator Kelsey Simpson. Members typically meet a month prior to a club-sponsored event in the Leadership Center at Fayette Campus.

“People should consider joining Peacocks for a Cure because we are raising money that is used to help meet the health care needs of sick children and their families,” Carroll said. “Many of these children can be found around us and you don’t even know it. It is a cause that will have an effect on not only yourself, but families across Iowa.”

Peacocks for a Cure is comprised of students of all majors through the schools including Education, Arts and Sciences, and Business and Professional Studies. The organization set an immediate goal of raising $1,000 at their first event, which was held at the UIU home football game on September 28.

“We had four children in attendance who are currently patients at Stead Family Children’s Hospital,” Carroll said. “The children served as Kid Captains and were introduced to the fans at the game. We are planning to host similar events at a wrestling meet and basketball, baseball and softball games during their upcoming seasons.”

Building off that early success, the Club and respective Andres School of Education majors now aim to sell 200 T-shirts and raise $7,000 during the current school year.

UIU students seeking additional information or wishing to join Peacocks for a Cure should contact Carroll at

Student Philanthropy Council
The Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) is a newly formed organization that provides undergraduates and graduate students universitywide an opportunity to become UIU philanthropy ambassadors, with the goal of inspiring a tradition of giving among students.

UIU director of annual giving Naomi Aziz, who serves as the council advisor, explained that the organization helps participants achieve their ideas on how to improve the UIU students’ academic and community experience through the power of fundraising.

Not only will SPC play an active role in existing fundraising projects, such as Giving Day, the council will be challenged to raise money for student-led crowdfunding projects, which they develop. Council members will be actively engaged and participate in shaping philanthropy conversations and opportunities at UIU and beyond. The SPC will work in partnership with the UIU Alumni Office, which will provide logistical support for students to carry their ideas forward. Members will play a key role in planning and implementing future UIU events and fundraising efforts.

For additional information, visit UIU.EDU/SPC or contact Aziz at

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