Online student works toward putting CAP on management career

Rachel Rogatski of Allen, Texas, plans to use the UIU education she has obtained through the University’s CAP program as a way to continue growing as a GEICO associate.

After being employed with GEICO for three years, Rachel Rogatski realized she wanted to pursue a supervisory or management role with the insurance company. She also understood that to achieve this next step in her career, she would need to complete the specific college-level business classes. This opportunity was realized when the 28-year-old aspiring manager found her path to opportunity through a Corporate Advantage Partnership (CAP) between GEICO and Upper Iowa University.

“When I discovered the core classes were available to help me fulfill my next career goals, I signed up immediately,” Rogatski said. “It was a very easy application process. I did not expect the UIU staff to be so readily available in providing assistance. It took only a few minutes and everything I needed was provided to me. The UIU faculty have been equally exceptional. It is very evident that Upper Iowa has their students’ best interests in mind.”

Already possessing a bachelor’s degree from University of Michigan, Rogatski admits to originally entering the classes with a mindset to simply finish and learn her coursework. She had no desire to go above and beyond what was required by her employer. However, after her Peacock experience the Northville, Michigan, native is considering the pursuit of an Upper Iowa MBA next year.

“The professors really made the classes enjoyable and interesting,” Rogatski said. “In addition, the material taught was used in real-life examples. The professors made it a point to try and make the class material pertain to GEICO and the entire insurance industry. This helped us as a class to not only understand the material but to actually have the ability to use it in our profession. To this day, I still think of the things I have learned and try to incorporate them into what I am doing.”

Rogatski uses her newfound knowledge as a way to continue growing as a GEICO associate. She also applies her UIU education and resources to help coach fellow employees and better prepare herself as a future business leader.

“My CAP experience with UIU has really helped shape who I am and who I want to become in the future,” Rogatski said. “It is hard to balance full-time employment with homework. The convenient course offerings provided by UIU make the stress of learning much more enjoyable. UIU really makes the balancing act easy for all students so we can easily focus on learning and utilizing the material in our everyday lives.”

Corporate Advantage Partnership (CAP) program members, employees, their spouses and dependent children (under the age of 26) are eligible to receive set tuition grants for courses taken at any of Upper Iowa’s 25 U.S. educational centers or through UIU distance education programs. The application fee is also typically waived for all participants.

UIU’s CAP program provides an extra benefit to corporate employees and their families while saving them money on their education. Those who are interested in learning more about the CAP program are encouraged to visit

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