A Peacock’s Eclipse Experience

UIU Associate Professor of Chemistry Jeff Butikofer returned to Fayette Campus Wednesday morning after watching the eclipse in the path of totality near Casper, Wyoming, on Monday, August 21. Butikofer reported wonderful viewing conditions, with just a few hazy clouds toward the end of the viewing time.

“Nothing I had read in preparation really did the eclipse justice,” Butikofer said.  “As we got closer and closer to totality, the light noticeably began to dim.  In the distance, you could see the shadow of the Moon racing toward us.  Then it became almost dark as night and everything was still for over two minutes, but those were probably the fastest two minutes of my life. An absolutely amazing experience!”

The UIU astronomy instructor noted that while he and his wife did experience some traffic on the way to their destination, it quickly became clear that there were a lot of people already in place when they arrived. People also left quickly after the totality ended.

“Our two-hour journey to Casper from Laramie became an eight-hour journey back,” Butikofer said. “But I can’t complain because it was really amazing to see so many people were interested in and excited for this celestial event!”

To view photos that Butikofer took of his experience, go to the UIU Flickr website.

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