Time to get those ‘Feathers Up’

With the fall sports season upon us, UIU cheerleading coach Tony Morris leads the Peacock faithful in signaling "Feathers Up!"

What started out as a gesture to cheer on each Peacock kickoff, three-point basket, or volleyball serve has grown to a familiar symbol amongst Upper Iowa University alumni around the globe.

Emulating the Texas Christian University (TCU) horned frog and University of Texas hook ‘em horns hand signals, UIU cheerleading coach Tony Morris developed feathers up to mirror UIU’s Peacock emblem.

“We are amongst great company in the collegiate world. Everywhere you look now, the UIU family is learning feathers up. It is crossing over into all sports and is unifying the entire community,” said Morris.

For those who have not yet learned feathers up, Morris provides the following tutorial:

1)  Place index finger and thumb together and make them flat, not a circle ­­- has to be flat.

2)  Raise and spread the remaining three fingers.

3)  Raise your arms up into the air and encourage your fellow Peacocks with the “Feathers Up” symbol.

Feathers up Peacock nation!


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