Upper Iowa University showcases area emerging artists

Talented artists representing nine high schools recently participated in the Northeast Iowa High School Art Show. Upper Iowa University once again hosted the annual event on the Fayette campus.

FAYETTE, Iowa  – The artworks of approximately 160 emerging artists from nine area high schools were recently showcased in the Bing-Davis Memorial Gallery in the Edgar Fine Arts Center on the Upper Iowa University campus. The juried exhibition was part of the annual Northeast Iowa High School Art Show, which UIU has been a part of for over 30 years.

The talented artists represented high schools from Central, Clayton Ridge, Crestwood, North Fayette Valley, New Hampton, Oelwein, South Winn, Starmont and Wapsie Valley. Judging the event was Greg Jones, art education teacher at Van Buren Community Schools. Jones is a 1997 graduate of Upper Iowa with a degree in education with art and psychology endorsements.

“The work this year was of superb quality.  The art faculty at UIU was especially impressed with all of the categories that were presented, along with the professional manner in which all of the students conducted themselves,” said Elissa Wenthe, UIU associate professor of art. “The communities of northeast Iowa should be very proud of the fine work that these students and teachers have put forward. We look forward to again hosting this day of art appreciation in the future.”

Honors and awards distributed during the 2015 event were as follows:

Drawing 1: (black and white) Pencil, Pencil Drawing, Graphite, Black and White Drawing

  • 1st: Kayla Graham – Crestwood
  • 2nd: Madison Sickles – Crestwood
  • 3rd: Emi Frohn- Crestwood
  • HM (Honorable Mention): Hanna Schmitt – South Winn
  • HM: Kelly Kuboustiek – South Winn
  • HM: Kate Grover – Crestwood

 Drawing 2: Ink, Pen and Ink, Pencil and ink, Stipple Pencil and Ink

  • 1st: Tamara Gettings- Oelwein
  • 2nd: Tayor Kohls – North Fayette Valley
  • 3rd: Daric Henkes- Crestwood

Dawing 3: Charcoal, Charcoal/pencil, Conte, Charcoal

  •  1st: Nicole Henry – North Fayette Valley
  • 2nd: Skye Meinecke – Crestwood
  • 3rd: Kiley Johansen – North Fayette Valley
  • HM: Tristan Miller – North Fayette Valley

Colored Drawing 1 : Pencil, Colored with Black and White Drawing

  •  1st: Sabrina Claman – South Winn
  • 2nd: Kiley Johansen – North Fayette Valley
  • 3rd: Jenna Alstad – Crestwood
  • HM: Tamara Gettings- Oelwein

Colored Drawing 2: Pastel, Oil Pastel/ Chalk Pastel, Oil Pastel/ Colored Pencil, Soft Pastel and Charcoal

  •  1st: Kaitlin Teff – South Winn
  • 2nd: Annie Stenseth – South Winn
  • 3rd Christina Nesvik – South Winn

Sculpture: Three-Dimensional, Wood, Pop Art, Mixed Media, Clay, Mobile, Ceramic box

  • 1st: Rachel Lanigan – Wapsie Valley
  • 2nd: Steph Hall – Starmont
  • 3rd: Alyssa Kirley – Starmont
  • HM: Courtney Mueller – Central 

Mixed Media: Collage, Mixed Media Painting, Acrylic Collage, Acrylic and Newspaper, Tissue-paper Collage, Oil Pastel/ Mixed Media, Mixed Media Drawing

  •  1st: Brooke Bemiss Thompson – North Fayette Valley
  • 2nd: Sarah Schoeberl – Crestwood
  • 3rd: Valerie Butikofer – North Fayette Valley
  • HM: Kayla Kennedy – South Winn
  • HM: Rebecca Scmere – Clayton Ridge
  • HM: Miranda Mambetaleiva – Central

Craft: Wood Burning, Fiber Art, Book Art, Weaving, Metal (jewelry), Origami, Mosaic, Copper and Acrylic

  •  1st: Joslynne Taylor – Oelwein
  • 2nd: Jared Bouska – North Fayette Valley
  • 3rd: Cynthia Vega – New Hampton 

Painting: Acrylic, Oil Painting, Watercolor, Gouache

  • 1st: Sabrina Claman – South Winn
  • 2nd: Carly Andregg – Clayton Ridge
  • 3rd: Savannah Nesvik – South Winn
  • HM: Trevor Weidimann – North Fayette Valley
  • HM: Sabrina Markin – South Winn
  • HM: Cristal Foltz – South Winn

 Graphics, Computer: Graphic Techniques, Computer Illustration / Digital

  •  1st: Alissa Hageman – Crestwood
  • 2nd: Ashley Kasboski – New Hampton
  • 3rd: Zach Leonard – Starmont
  • HM: Ashley Woelber Dighton – Crestwood

Printmaking: Scratch Board, Printmaking

  •  1st: Katie Tessmer – North Fayette Valley
  • 2nd: Daric Henkes – Crestwood
  • 3rd: Kayla Graham – Crestwood

Photograph: Color, Black and White

  •  1st: Michaela Juelsgaard – Crestwood
  • 2nd: Allison Martinek – Crestwood
  • 3rd: Megan Glause – Crestwood
  • HM: Michaela Juelsgaard – Crestwood
  • HM: Sadie Schwake – Crestwood
  • HM: Racel Demass – MFL MarMac

 Ceramic: Ceramic vessel, Ceramic bowl, Pottery, Ceramic pitcher

  •  1st: Annie Stenseth – South Winn
  • 2nd: Jerritt Hummel – North Fayette Valley
  • 3rd: Kitiara Aller – North Fayette Valley
  • HM: Taylor Kohls – North Fayette Valley
  • HM: Jessica Lecmtenberg – South Winn
  • HM: Jazmine Velez – North Fayette Valley
  • HM: Kristyn Blaylock – New Hampton


Photos of students participating in the 2015 Northeast Iowa High School Art Show at Upper Iowa University can be found at https://www.flickr.com/photos/upperiowauniversity/sets/72157651603626060/



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