Upper Iowa University’s RN-BSN program ranked by College Choice

FAYETTE, Iowa (November 12, 2014) – Upper Iowa University has made the inaugural College Choice online bachelor of science in nursing program rankings. Placing 39th on the RN-BSN list, Upper Iowa was recognized for its affordability, quality of education, academic reputation and engaging methods of teaching employed in the university’s RN-to-BSN online program.

“We are pleased that Upper Iowa’s RN-BSN online program has been recognized by College Choice,” said Virginia Wangerin, director of nursing education. “More and more health care organizations are requiring nurses to complete a bachelor’s degree as the demand for highly skilled nurses continues to grow. That means an increasing need for registered nurses to advance their skills by completing a bachelor’s degree in nursing. With so many RNs working full time, it can be difficult for them to find time to complete a degree. The UIU online option gives them an opportunity to go back to school.”

Upper Iowa’s RN-BSN program assists registered nurses in developing the skills necessary to be successful in a rapidly changing environment of health care delivery, as well as preparing nurses for advancement in leadership positions and/or graduate education. Upper Iowa offers its RN-BSN program through a hybrid program combining campus and online learning, as well as the special online option. Students have the option of taking two classes at a time and finishing in one year or taking classes part-time finishing the program in 20 months.

Studies show that students choose online education because of the increased ability to balance school with other responsibilities, the flexibility of learning from anywhere at any hour, a quicker completion time, access to more programs, and potentially lower costs. As the demand for online education has grown so has the technology to personalize the experience.

Data compiled by College Choice came from the National Center for Educational Statistics, as well as from a variety of reputable publications like U.S. News and World Report, Forbes andWashington Monthly. Online education is booming with explosive growth. According to the Babson Survey Research group, 33 percent of the 21.3 million students enrolled in higher education courses are enrolled in at least one online course. CollegeChoice.net rankings were compiled based upon a variety of important factors including faculty credentials, technology and student support, accreditation, cost, as well as the national and regional reputations of each school.

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