UIU hosts community forum

Upper Iowa University President William R. Duffy and Board of Trustee President Dennis Murdock welcomed local residents to a UIU community forum held at the Fayette American Legion Hall Tuesday, October 24.

Murdock opened the public event by stating his belief that UIU should create more opportunities to hear from community members, answer questions, address any of their concerns, and listen to ideas. He noted that the Board of Trustees recognize how important the relationship with the community is and welcome feedback from all community members.

During further forum discussions, Duffy informed the public that this year’s junior class is the first to be attending Fayette Campus under the new three-year residency requirement. Duffy reported that the program is not only beneficial to UIU’s Residential Life, but is also in response to concerns about the availability of rental housing in Fayette. He said the hope is that the three-year residency requirement creates improved housing opportunities in Fayette so that more UIU employees and others choose to live in the community.

Duffy provided an update on South Village I and South Village II renovations, which were required due to flood water damage to the basements, heating and cooling systems, elevators and other infrastructure in both buildings. He said adequate housing has been made available to the South Village students and the goal is to get the students back in their original rooms as soon as possible.

Duffy expressed the University’s pleasure with the new partnership between UIU and the Fayette Police Department, which provides law enforcement coverage by certified police officers on Fayette Campus.

In addition, Duffy provided University updates on the following topics:

  • Fayette Campus enrollment
  • A Universitywide focus on retention, and goals associated with improving the retention rate
  • Seeking a partner to operate the downtown restaurant (formerly Cabo Blue and Victories)

UIU will announce future community forums as they are scheduled.

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