Teach-In presentations announced

The presentation schedule has been announced for Upper Iowa University’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Teach-In at Fayette Campus on Monday, January 16. In honor of the late civil rights leader, “Leading for Change” will feature faculty and student presentations dedicated to examining past and ongoing social injustices. The public is invited to join UIU students, faculty and staff in attending any and all presentations.

The January 16 Teach-In schedule is as follows:

8 a.m. – Dr. Matt Foy & UIU Communication Students: “A People’s History of the Civil Rights Movement”

9:25 a.m. – Dr. Mackenzie Glander-Dolo: “Women in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement”

10:50 a.m. – Dr. Meghan Mettler: “The History of King’s Civil Rights Movement”

12:50 p.m. – Latisha Smith & EDU335 Students: “Martin’s Big Words”

12:50 a.m. – Amy Tucker: “Freedom Songs”

A Martin Luther King Jr.-inspired display is also on exhibit at Henderson-Wilder Library.

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