Fourth volume of Volga River Review released

Filled with more submissions than ever before, the fourth volume of Volga River Review has been released by the Upper Iowa University creative writing program. The publication features poems and short stories written by UIU students, faculty, and staff from the Fayette campus as well as its extended University. Contributors to this installment of UIU’s literary journal also represent alumni spanning eight decades.

“The journal has become a dynamic part of the creative writing and English programs at UIU. Through their work on the journal, our student editors gain valuable hands-on experience editing, publishing, writing, and reaching out to the local Fayette community, as well as the broader Upper Iowa community, both nationally and internationally. It’s truly a place where the whole University comes together,” said Adrianne Finlay, UIU associate professor of English and director of creative writing.

“I am not only proud of my students’ commitment and dedication to contributing to the literary community, but I’m also impressed with the exceptional quality of work submitted by students, staff, alumni, and faculty,” she added. “It has been an honor to read and share the work of these talented people at Upper Iowa.”

The 2016 Volga River Review student editors were Adaeze Neely, Casey Nation, Llani Main, Vienna Yeap, Leif Nedweski, Jack Lane, Don Kuykendall, William Kenney, Paige Keppler, and editor-in-chief Samantha Vorwald.

Contributors to the publication, which was officially released on Friday, April 22, include the following:

Poetry: Bill Adams, Skip Afzal, Susan Arias, Parker Ashworth, Carrie Braxton, Foster Cass, Jamie Ku Ting Chee, Brad Dakan, Don Erickson, Jonah Fontenot, David Lawrence, Soon Eu Leon, Llani Main, Bill Mech, Sadie Meegan, Adaeze Neely, Patrick Nefzger, Christopher Pascale, Kathleen Serley, Melle Starsen, Mirjam Van Der Veeken, Salvatore Vos, Michelle Walker, Roger Watters, John Weiland II, Vienna Yeap.

Prose: Kolleen Asaad, Velva Boles, Kurt Broder, Julianne Couch, Alexandra Griffin, Kornelia Hensley, Allyson Herkowski, Ed Horvat, William Kenney, Paige Keppler, Darcy Kroemer, Jack Lane, Daniel E. Lautenschleger, Don Losure, Casey Nation, Leif Nedweski, Patrick Nefzger, David Stewart, Irina Varzavand, Samantha Vorwald, Mary M. Webber.

Cover Photo: Allyson Herkowski.

Volga River Review was originally created as a project-based learning experience where students on the creative writing track for the English major would have the opportunity to edit, publish and publicize a literary journal.

Anyone interested in submitting creative work to next year’s journal is encouraged to send a Word doc. by email to with the subject line VRR 2017. For additional information, contact Finlay at

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